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Intellectual Property Attorney from Williamsburg, VA

Peter J. Van Bergen, Patent Attorney in Williamsburg, VA, is a patent attorney specializing in the preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applications and trademark applications for individuals and small to mid-size companies across the United States.
Peter J. Van Bergan -Intellectual Property Attorney, Williamsburg, VA

Intellectual Property Services for YOUR Needs
Intellectual property (i.e., patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets) can be a valuable asset and should be considered as part of any good business plan. Even minor innovations can be profitable when implemented as part of one's overall business plan. 

Protecting intellectual property is a critical aspect of a company's growth.  As an intellectual property attorney in Williamsburg, VA, I tailor my counseling to the individual client's needs and business aspirations. Once an intellectual property plan has been devised, I work with the client to secure the appropriate intellectual property rights via the filing and prosecution of patent applications and/or trademark applications. (View my tutorials for more information on how to patent a product and protect your interests in that investment.)

At the outset, I work with the client and their particular business plan to provide an intellectual property "road map" tailored for the business's particular goals. This typically includes a consultation to understand the business plan followed by a discussion and analysis of the various forms of intellectual property (e.g., patent applications, trademark applications, etc.) as they might apply to the business plan. 

All of the above is done with the goal of making your business's innovations proprietary and, ultimately, more valuable.  Fees can be fixed or hourly.

Moving ahead with the intellectual property "plan" typically involves patent and/or trademark searches, patent applications and/or trademark applications, and continuing prosecution. I offer services in all of these areas with the vast majority of cases being handled on a fixed fee basis. That is, I will quote a fee before each stage of the application or prosecution process, and will only begin work after the client accepts the quoted fee. The client knows the cost up front. I understand how important cost predictability is for the small to mid-size company.

Experienced Patent and Trademark Attorney

When you need help dealing with intellectual property law, Peter J. Van Bergan Patent Attorney is the right place to turn. I am a patent and trademark attorney in Williamsburg, VA, and have the experience and skills to assist you through the entire patent process. 

From defining your intellectual property to completing your patent application to defending your trademark in court, I provide you with everything you need to protect your ideas. With my counsel, you give your ideas the best chance of turning you or your company a profit.

Patent and Trademark Preparation 

When filing a patent, there are specific rules and guidelines that need to be followed. These regulations can be very confusing for most, and that’s why seeking my aid for your preparation of patents and trademarks is so essential. 

With my expertise, I will ensure every part of your patent application is completed to meet the rules of the patent office and that your idea is clearly defined. This is important to ensure that your application is not rejected and that your innovation is protected.   

I provide the same services when filing trademarks to ensure your company’s ideas and products are protected from imitators. Reach out to my office if you have any questions about the preparation services I offer for your trademarks or patents.


Intellectual Property Counselling Services 

Understanding the intricacies of intellectual property law is never easy. However, with my assistance, I aim to help you learn everything you need to know to protect your innovation. 

I work with you to help you learn your rights as a patent holder, as well as how to defend your intellectual property from the competition. I also help you determine the best course of action in the event your patent or trademark is infringed upon.

 Additionally, with my counseling services, you will learn everything you need to know about how to patent a product. To learn more about my counseling services or to schedule a consultation, reach out to me today. I am always happy to help you with your intellectual property questions. 

 Contact me when you need a patent and trademark lawyer for your intellectual property. I proudly serve clients in

Williamsburg, VA, and the surrounding areas.